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Sci-Fi Short Film “State of the Union” | DUST
27 Jun 2020
Sci-Fi Short Film “State of the Union” | DUST
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Sci-Fi Short Film “The Guide” | DUST

In Sci-Fi

From a mysterious void, a guardian angel-like figure guides a man through his first romance.

"The Guide" by Felipe Vargas

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More About Colony:
Between space and time is a dark and infinitely stretching void. Here lies The Girl, very still, curious, observing carefully. She wears a round pair of glasses and lets an hourglass run besides her. A 1960s television screen flickers to life as rock 'n' roll blasts in. She watches a teenager on a first date. He's nervous. The Girl blows at the screen just as the teenager is about to smoke a cigarette... and a gust of wind blows the cigarette out of his hand on the screen. The "Girl" is a guardian-angel like figure, gently assisting the teenager from beyond the screen. She snaps and sets romantic music. A sudden time jump in the hourglass and the next screen turns on. It's the teenager, now an adult, proposing to the very same girl he was on a date with - it's the 1980s now, and The Girl watches on a 1980s screen. The proposal goes awry when the adult trips and drops the ring into the sewer. The Girl splits the screen and the ring jumps outwards, yet as soon as she returns to the adult's world, it falls back in once again. The Girl physically shoves her arm into the screen, and she emerges with the ring, her arm covered in mud. The Girl once again returns the ring. The adult proposes; it's a yes. And finally, on a smartphone, the couple is much older now. The Girl sacrifices her own pair of glasses so that the older man may see his wife one last time. He passes away peacefully. We pull back to reveal that the screens are shaped in a massive pyramid of screens. Dozens come to life, flashing moments and memories from the man's life. Sand floated freely in the hourglass. The Girl watches in awe. In a final reveal, hundreds of other similar pyramid stacks fill the Void around her. The Girl picks up her hourglass, and she turns to guide the next person.

A message from the filmmaker:
When we face the constant unpredictability of our daily lives, how can we not hope for something beyond ourselves? And what if that something was a curious little girl with big round glasses, guiding all of us through TV screens? Sometimes, life just works out, and sure, it could be luck - but what if it is a force of selfless altruism? A force of interconnection that goes beyond the tangible... into the eternal.

If those inspirations seem a but lofty, ultimately, I wanted to make a positive film, showcasing the value of compassion and love for others, whether it be in person or through technology. I wanted to show an underrepresented person holding huge amounts of power. I also hope to transmit that sense of awe-inspiring nostalgia one feels in the pit of their stomach when considering years and years of a relationship.

About DUST:
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Sci-Fi Short Film “The Guide” | DUST

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Sci-Fi Short Film “State of the Union” | DUST
27 Jun 2020
Sci-Fi Short Film “State of the Union” | DUST
admin · 4 Views